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[12 Apr 2005|07:12pm]
dag i havent written in a minute well update let me see wat has happened since the last time i wrote well i got my tongue pierced took that out 3 days later couldnt take the pain i know im a sucker but other pain i can handle lol being very nasty lol
nah im j/k o yea i started my a new job yesterday i work at KFC I am so happy 6.25 p/hr thats pretty good i think considering the fact that most of the fast food places are still stuck at 5.15 p/hr. Everything seems to be going good this dude at my job he tryna holla i gave him my numba but it aint nothing serious I am just focused on Ida right now and any good lookin shorties that are worth my time but in that area thats a negative so im chilling i mean i got hubby but he gettin on my nerves he not manning up so until he do im dolo. basically everything is good im happy , exhausted, and o yea a lil sick but it could be worse cant really complain cause some people were not fortunate to be alive today and I am so thats the best thing of all.
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[04 Apr 2005|04:45pm]
right now im in a lot of pain im about to lay down my throat is sore a lil and my i have a headache i think i might have a fever i think imma lay down and just go to sleep for the rest of the night post ya comments about ya day
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[03 Apr 2005|12:53pm]
im not doin nothing probably am goin to stay in the house and just chill today
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[03 Apr 2005|01:33am]
today i went to this celebration to honor the one week my grandmother has passed on it was cool to be amongst family im still in mourning but im doin a lil betta the craziest shit happened though. me, my moms friend were in the living room my mom was in the kitchen cookin at my grandparents house. and they have a terrace and to get out there is this door and it was mad windy outside and the door flew open. the only thing is in order to get into the terrace u have to open the door from the inside and the way the door flew open it was like someone was going out or someone was coming in and the door flew open as if the wind was coming from the inside of the house but the wind was blowing from the outside. I think my grandmother stopped by to visit you know to let us know she was there. I told my cousin and she was like o nah im good i aint comin out there and we all sat around and laughed but i really believe it was her though. maybe it was just my imagination and maybe it wasnt.damn i miss her but i know imma be alright , definetly alright
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[01 Apr 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

yea today was a good day i felt betta, today me, my friend, bukky, and minerva went to third because I wanted to get my tongue pierced but the lady didnt come so we left. Afterwards we went got something to eat and just took our time and walked ate and talked then we each parted ways and went home. It was a pretty good day it was mad nice outside. I went to all my classes and I wasn't late for school. Only messed up part was I got detention for my timbs and for wearing a black shirt under my uniform i didnt care though i just wanted to get thru the rest of the day so i took it like a champ lol . I spoke to my baby today we good now shit is getting better. There is this guy though that I was goin out with for like 2 weeks but we parted ways and me and my ex got bac together.I still got feelings for him but I aint tryna pursue nothing i love my shorty too much.I dont know then there is this nigga I used to mess with a long time ago he was the sweetest guy I ever messed with sometimes he acted slow but he was the sweetest and I have seen him a lot and not like it was planned it was by accident and I could still tell something was there. I love my shorty I dont wanna take it there. I dont know i got too much on my plate. but i still manage to remain focused thats a good thing about me cant say that for many people. its easy to get distracted when 1001 are goin on in ya life all at one time.

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[31 Mar 2005|01:34pm]
today was one of those days for me its been 6 days since my grandmother died tommorrow is gon make a week i feel like im in deep mourning. the wake was so nice and so was the funeral a lot of crying was going on between me and my other cousins you would have thought that we were crazy. i just kept crying people had to hold me up cause i couldnt even stand straight i just kept saying " im not ready to say goodbye", "im not ready to say goodbye" and to be honest i wasnt. it just brought back memories for me of when my other grandmother died when i was like 7 u know I understood death but i didnt really understand i mean I cried and everything but it was nothing compared to wat happened to me yesterday. I couldnt stop crying. I was so much of a mess. Imma miss my grandmother soo much both of them they meant and still do mean the world to me. there is nothing like a grandmother. I feel like when they died they took a piece of me that can never be replaced and I will always be grateful to them for all the things they have done for me. yea imma have the memories of all the goodtimes but they will never mean as much as the times that they were there comforting me, scolding me, feeding me, and blessing my pockets lol but nah i will truly miss them. I dont know if I will ever be the same they say in life every experience changes you and this changed me it let me know that life is short and be grateful for the time u have here on this earth that is borrowed cause that is what it is borrowed time it just hurts when the people u expect to live forever time expires but i know they in a better place somewhere along the silver lining of every cloud and every sunshine telling me that I love you and that we here for you in spirit. ill miss yall i love you nanny and grandma thanks for all the times u showed me that you gotta be your own woman and thank you for all the times u taught me to be tough and thank you for all the times u were there for me when i least expected it thank you thank you thank you.
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